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Because the time to make history is now!

The Missouri Civil War Museum, Library & Educational Complex is entirely a grassroots effort and you can help in getting it open.  We receive no funding from the state or federal government for the establishment of this facility.  It is only from the generosity of businesses, corporations, foundations, and people like you who care enough to get involved and help preserve our Civil War history and heritage that is making this institution possible.

Many people just like you have asked us “how can I help the museum?”

The “Get Involved” box to the left of this page highlights the various ways that you can help support the Missouri Civil War Museum project and help expedite its opening.   

As with many worthwhile charitable organizations and projects, it always comes down to a matter of money.  Without the support from local businesses and the general public, most charities could not even exist in the first place much less support their mission or their many worthwhile projects. 

We at the Missouri Civil War Museum are no different.  It is out of the passion, admiration and devotion to our Civil War ancestors that many of us have contributed to this project and continue “the great task remaining before us.”

So please, get involved now and help make history, as we at the Missouri Civil War Museum work to save and preserve it!
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